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What's a good practice test score?

       by MCAT Publishing Staff

What's a good practice test score? We get asked this question a lot. A lot!

Before we get to the answer, here's a little test information:

The current MCAT has a score range from 472 to 528. This might seem quite 

different from the old 3 to 45 range (1 to 15 per section), but it's really not...

Current MCAT :  528 - 472 = 56 points

56 points / 4 sections = 14 points per section

Old MCAT :  45 - 3 = 42 points

42 points / 3 sections = 14 points per section

Why the new scale? Well, the new MCAT has four sections, not three. The old score of 45 was the  

ideal "perfect" score. If the scale didn't change, four sections would require a perfect score of 

​60, and getting a 45 on the MCAT would only be the 75% of the total on the new test. 

"I got a 45" in 2014 would be awesome.

"I got a 45" today not be as impressive.

To avoid this type of confusion, the AAMC adjusted the scale, but not the range.

So, what is a "good" MCAT score on a practice test? Isn't it all relative? Doesn't

it matter how many tests you've taken, when the real MCAT is, and what you've

been working on? Isn't everyone different? The answer will surprise you: 

For over fourteen years, our answer has been the same: "Your practice test score is +1 point".

That's it!

For every practice test you take, no matter how many right and wrong answers 

you submit, you get a "plus one" on your MCAT ability. If you woke up that morning as a

498, taking a practice test will transform you to a 499. The act of taking the test, whatever

​the result, gets you better prepared for the real thing. 

​Don't obsess over a practice test result. Learn from your mistakes. Know that you're

getting better at this. Things don't get easier, You get stronger. One point at a time.

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