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  Top 10 MCAT Tips from MCAT Publishing, INC

     Tip #1 - Make a Realistic Schedule                         The most common problem with MCAT preparation is the schedule.

                                                                                     If your schedule is too ambitious, you'll get off track and beat yourself up.
                                                                                     Study for 95-minute blocks of time (to train for the real test). 

                                                                                     Never, never do more than four of these in a row. 

                                                                                     You can do this. Be confident, be courageous, and be brave.

      Tip #2 - Practice 6 hours max                               We've heard a ton of students talk about "ten-hour" study sessions, 
                                                                                     "taking two practice tests in a row", or having "all night MCAT marathons".
                                                                                     Well, all three of those options are just plain silly. The MCAT is a marathon,  
                                                                                     true, but you should train for the right length of time. We want your energy
                                                                                     to be completely used up after 6.5 hours, so train for that!

      Tip #3 - Triage the Sections                                  As any ER doctor can tell you, Triage is the most important factor
                                                                                     in medical treatment. If a patient has a sprained ankle and is also in  
                                                                                     cardiac arrest, one of those two problems is more urgent than the other. 
                                                                                     The skill in assigning priority in the ER is the same skill used on the MCAT.

                                                                                     In other words: do the important stuff first! Get those points ASAP!

      Tip #4 - C.A.R.S. Everyday                                    Unlike the science topics on the MCAT, the Critical Analysis and Reasoning
                                                                                     Skills section is impossible to cram for... not that you should cram for any

                                                                                     section, of course, but squeezing a few physics equations in at the last

                                                                                     minute is always possible. The best was to prep for the C.A.R.S. is to do a 

                                                                                     little bit every day.  Of course, you should also buy our book :)

      Tip #5 - Practice Makes Data                                 Practice doesn't make Perfect.  Practice Makes Data!
                                                                                     If you're swinging the golf club badly, every swing makes you worse and worse. 
                                                                                     Don't practice bad habits.  Learn the right way to do it, then practice.
                                                                                     To learn the right way, buy our C.A.R.S. book. Only $8.99 for a limited time.
                                                                                     Perfect Practice makes Perfect.  You can do it!

      Tip #6 - Mistakes are the good stuff                     When you take a practice test, getting right answers can make you feel good.
                                                                                     Heck, it can make you feel great. The only downside: it cannot make you improve. 

                                                                                     Instead, mistakes are the good stuff! "When you lose, don't lose the lesson."

                                                                                     Gandhi said that; pretty smart guy. Basically, the mistakes are the only things that
                                                                                     can get you a better MCAT score. Embrace them. Stay positive!

      Tip #7 - Nip it or Skip it                                         Have you ever been stuck on a question and you resist moving on? It happens to 
                                                                                     everyone. You almost remember a formula, or the math gets you pretty close  
                                                                                     but not quite there... You don't want to give up, so you get stuck. Well, after two
                                                                                     minutes your time is up! Moving on is fighting for a high score, not giving up.
                                                                                     Don't let one question ruin a test. Instead, skip it and conquer the rest!

      Tip #8 - MCAT is not your enemy                          The MCAT is not your enemy; it's your friend. The MCAT will help you get into  

                                                                                     Medical School, it will help you learn new skills, and it will get you ready for the

​                                                                                     USMLE licensing exam. That's a pretty good friend. Treat the MCAT with respect, 

                                                                                     of course, and perhaps a little bit of caution, but always keep in mind that the 

                                                                                     MCAT is a tool you will use to get into Medical School.  Use it well!

      Tip #9 - Bend Don't Break                                     Every student of evolution will tell you the same thing: survival of the fittest 
                                                                                     is not the full story. The full phrase should be "Survival of the Fittest to Adapt". 
​                                                                                     On the MCAT, you might not see the obvious f=mv^2/r for centripetal force.
                                                                                     You might see the equivalent: (f r/m)^(1/2)=v  Keep in mind, that is the same 
                                                                                     exact equation! You need to stay adaptable to succeed.

      Tip #10 - Know Your Enemy                                  As we said in Tip #8, the MCAT is your friend. However, there are three main   

                                                                                     enemies on the MCAT. If you know your enemies well, they cannot hurt your score.
​                                                                                     Here are the three enemies: (1) Time Pressure is your enemy, so use your time
                                                                                     well. (2) Wrong Answers are your enemy, so learn how to classify and quickly spot  
                                                                                     the wrong answer types. (3) Bad passage mapping is your enemy, too. Prepare!

      Bonus Tip #11 - Good Health and Luck                 An old Russian toast goes, "To your health! But, because guests on the Titanic  
                                                                                     had very good health but poor luck, we must wish you good luck as well as good
​                                                                                     health."
Gotta love those colorful Russian sayings, right? Anyway, the point here
                                                                                     is that test day is tough. Prepare as much as you can, but expect surprises as 
                                                                                     well. We wish you good health and good luck on test day!